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18th June 2018

Reviews for better experience

In the world of digital everything, human contact might feel like a thing of the past. But if someone is thinking about a staying naked in stranger’s home, they want advice from a real person. That’s where customer reviews come in—they’re like the digital version of advice from a friend – or at least like minded people.

Let guests know you care
Asking for reviews does more than help host to get future guests, it solidifies the relationship with the guest who just visited you. By asking for their feedback, you’re showing them that you care what they think and that you want them to have the best experience possible. Getting review helps host to understand what’s working and to correct what’s not.

So if a host is asking you to review, it is most likely to help them understand how it went. It means they care about you and your opinion. If it was a good experience, why not help them to write about how great it was and recommend it to others. It will just take 2 mins of your time. If it was a terrible experience, it would be almost your responsibility to tell it to others.

What to write in the reviews
Write honest, authentic reviews. If reviews are presented in a way that reads as honest and authentic. even if your had bad experience avoid scolding or using bad language. Simply explain what went wrong and provide host a chance to make it better.

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