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20th February 2018

What guests want to know

It’s not a big surprise that guests who book an Naturist BnB would first want to know how they can practice nudism? Can they get sun sans clothes? How about interaction with other guest? But what was surprising for us was the contraveral needs of the guest and the host in the initial stage (actually not so surprising now when you rethink about it) .

First: there’s guests: they will want to know everything about the place, surroundings, location, rules, other guests, host right away — before committing to book.It helps them decide where to go and plan their holiday. Then there are hosts, many of whom quite naturally want to keep their privacy, especially before a booking is confirmed.

Is there a way to publish the destination details to the guest without leaving the host feeling over-exposed? Yeah, we think so. Let have a look at this checklist:


Make sure you have clear rules in your listing. Where I can hang around without clothes? Is your place clothing optional or is nudity required in some areas? Is clothing required in some areas? Is cooking allowed? Is host living in the property and how many of them there will be?

Try to figure out yourself in the guest role and think what you would want to know about the host and property prior booking. It might be useful to look at the other listing, they may give you some good ideas.


Provide recommendations early to allow guests to plan their trip.

Filling in a Guidebook on NaturistBnB is a great way to compile your recommendations, and it makes it easy to grow and repurpose for future guests.

Personality is highly welcome — recommend things you actually do yourself and places you go. A travel guide usually provide recommendations based on what they think an average tourist might like, but your tips can be much more personalised. That’s how you can beat the travel guides.

Use the tips above and you’re bound to get great reviews and feedback like this:

“Our host’s tips about cheap food and other things to see nearby were right on. We’ll definitely be back again!”

“I am a lot traveled and really independent with it. Normally I like skip “Lonely Planet” places and figure things out myself, but there is no question: our host added great value to my experience.”

“The tipsheet to the neighborhood our host sent to us in advance of our stay was great and we tried out a many of the recommendations on the list and they were awesome.”

As a day of departure approaches, guests anxiety increases. Where should I go? How do I get there? How I am going to get the key for the property? What do I plan what to do on my trip? Put your guest at ease by giving them all of the info they’ll need up front instead of making them wait until the last minute. This establishes trust right away and will most likely garner you a great review, and great reviews lead to bookings.


One thought on “What guests want to know

  • curious212000
    on 15th June 2018

    Useful advice and looking for a visit to the U.K. and Australia.


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