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23rd March 2018

Offer a welcoming space

Good hospitality comes through in a many ways, but number one is a clean space. And while cleaning may not be the most fun part of hosting, it isn’t too difficult either! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get swept up in an effective and easy cleaning routine.

Focus on the core spots
First things first: Give extra attention to the most important areas of cleanliness.

  • bathroom
  • kitchen

I don’t know about you, but for me, even in hotels, bathroom is first thing I look to check the cleanliness. Kitchen comes second. If you are offering your guests a space in the fridge, make sure it is is clean and remove any outdated items. Make a point to keep all of the condiments and other items nicely organized, your guest will be encouraged do the same.

Make room for the stuff 
Beside keeping your space clean, it’s important to keep it tidy. Your guests most likely don’t want to live out of their luggage for their whole stay. Offer them some space to put out their clothes, toiletries. You can also offer your guests room for their larger items in a closet or storage room.

Once your space is clean and tidy, check the details:

  • No stray hairs on the bed or sofa
  • No dust on the shelves, picture frames, and doorways
  • Double check the kitchen counters
  • Vacuum under the furniture

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