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25th November 2019

Planning Your Next Trip?

Contributed by a guest freelance writer Jane Philips

Top Cities That Welcome Naturism

There are around 260 family resorts for naturists, which is twice the amount that there was a decade ago. However, it can still feel like you are confined to a small, cut off piece of rural land. Naturist families should have the opportunity to explore the same tourist hotspots as everybody else, including the world’s most visited cities. Of course, many of these places are intolerant towards nude families, but there are some which are welcoming and open minded. Here are three popular cities that are considered the best at accommodating naturist families.

Munich, Germany

The Germans are credited with popularizing naturism in the modern world and Munich has a reputation of being the most open to this lifestyle. If you are traveling with the whole family, then check out the options for naturists in Munich. There are many nudist beaches, of course, but you may be surprised at the options to go naked closer to the city center.The English Garden is a park centrally located in the city of Munich. In here, naturism is allowed and widely practiced. Then there is the Isar River canal and Feldmochinger Lake, both of which are regularly visited by naturists. Munich is littered with spots you can take advantage of, where the nude way of life is considered normal and acceptable.

London, United Kingdom

The UK has a relaxed approach to naturism, with appearing nude in public not considered against the law. It is only when your intent is to shock or offend members of the public, that this is considered an illegal act. Head to London for the most open minded and tolerant views on alternative lifestyles.There’s the Turkish bathhouse, Porchester Spa; naked swimming at Bloomsbury; naturist yoga at Synchronicity Studios; and even a clothes free restaurant at the Bunyadi. Whatever your interests, open minded Londoners will offer activities for you and your naked family.

Austin, Texas

If you wish to stay in the USA, you may have a bit more trouble finding places where the naturist lifestyle is welcomed. One of your best options, however, would be to head to the alternative hippy republic of Texas: Austin. This amazing city is the perfect spot for people who feel comfortable in their own skin and don’t feel the need to cover up. Close to downtown lies a 100 acre park on Lake Travis. This whole area is clothes-optional and you will find many families happily enjoying the sun, completely naked. Women report feeling safe here when they are topless and the community won’t bat an eyelid to see you and your family enjoying the park in the nude.If you are looking to experience more as a naturist family, then there are plenty of options for city breaks. Whether you are exploring Texas, the UK, or Germany, you will find a welcoming community. Hopefully, more places will take a liberal approach to nudism, allowing for yet more travel opportunities in the future.

Category: Guest Blog

3 thoughts on “Planning Your Next Trip?

  • David TW Liew
    on 16th December 2019

    Its so nice to read of these naturist places. Unfortunately I stay in Malaysia where nudity is no no. Hope to visit these places mentioned and enjoy the nudist lifestyle.

  • on 31st January 2020

    Love Munich! So much to do and to see))

  • Kevin & Christine
    on 5th September 2020

    There are plenty of ‘clothes optional beaches in Norfolk and Suffolk, England. It is just a pity that we could not enjoy them this year, for obvious reasons. Good luck. K&C (UK couple) xxx


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