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23rd March 2018

House rules tips – What to write in the listing

We thought it could be useful  to publish some tips and ideas what to write in the house rules. Especially for people who are new with hosting. Please check this article and consider if you want to revise your house rules accordingly.

House rules tips #1 Is your place clothing optional or nudist only? What areas are clothing optional or nude?

House rules tips #2 Are visitors or extra guests allowed? How many? What are the procedures for approval?

House rules tips #3 Is smoking permitted, and if so, where?

House rules tips #4 Define off-limit areas. Where can guests go and where not? Any possible penalties?

House rules tips #5 Can people eat in all areas of the home or are there designated places?

House rules tips #6 Cleaning procedures. Where does trash go? Should they clean the dishes? What cleaning does host provide?

House rules tips #7 Where to put Laundry? Can they use washing machine? Is there a fee?

House rules tips #8 Are meetings or parties allowed? Max size? Approval? Prior booking?

House rules tips #9 When are the quiet hours. Consider your neighbors!

House rules tips #10 Are pets allowed?


17 thoughts on “House rules tips – What to write in the listing

  • Marc
    on 23rd March 2018

    Very good ideas. I will amend accordingly!

  • Tony
    on 23rd March 2018

    I’m in IT, but this site remains tricky to navigate and successfully post content.
    I’m aware its only just started, but it still has teething problems.

    • HansWurst
      on 2nd November 2019

      Special search function…. most times nothing show up, even if you write a whole country

      • DonnaR
        on 18th November 2019

        Same experience for me and it’s 8 months on from your experience of reporting your difficulties, and this site has such great potential.

  • Giorgos Kariotis
    on 26th March 2018

    …………. bravo … !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ….. from …. Volos …. GREECE …..

  • DaveNE
    on 17th April 2018

    A place to post photographs would be helpful

    • admin
      on 20th April 2018

      At this moment you can upload the photos of your property when you are listing and one photo as your profile image.

      Do you mean that you would like to post some more photos of yourself? We believe that one good profile image is enough for other people to see wo they are planning to host or visit. We may be wrong. If it turns out this is public demand, we can change our mind.

      on 29th April 2018

      I think “G-rated ” photo would be OK I feel that this web page does not need nude photo

  • PeterB
    on 8th May 2018

    Where are the most beautiful beaches in Croatia for us?

  • Tawash
    on 12th May 2018

    were is beaches in Germany and suez

  • Buffdiamond
    on 17th May 2018

    Thanks for your site and the tips. Considering posting my guestroom in the future

  • on 29th May 2018

    were is beaches in hk and suez

  • Angie
    on 8th June 2019

    Would it be possible to explain the procedure for choosing when I want to make my rooms available if only using a mobile phone. I can’t cancel anything or make dates unavailable or change something that I have already submitted. I did read your post about not opening the main calendar using a mobile but it’s all I have. Does this mean your website is unusable for me.

    • admin
      on 13th June 2019

      Hi Angie. There are some features in the main calendar which we have not been able get working properly in many mobile browsers. There might be some improvements in future updates, but it’s still recommended using a computer to manage availability. You can get more specific help by opening a ticket at

  • admin
    on 27th July 2019

    You have been replied directly about this topic.

  • on 30th October 2019

    All good ideas, keep them coming.
    Living on a very rural farm we have a diagram that we send to guests of the last few kilometers to our place which they find very helpful.

  • ATHiker
    on 8th February 2020

    Wondering if there is something wrong with my profile–either the text and feature or if there is something technically wrong–have I failed to publish it properly. We have been on here for months and live in a very popular tourist area and haven’t gotten even the first inquiry. Was hoping for so much better.


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