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Weekends for females only

Manchester, Rusholme
28 € per night
Private room
|1 Bedroom|
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Friday night and Saturday night only available for females only strictly, nude only.
The household is fat positive and lesbian and bisexual women friendly.
You will share with me the fridge freezer, bathroom and you have the option to share the kitchen with me too. You and your guests will sleep in my superking size bed. You can bring your children from 2-12 years old of any gender at your own risk because the flat is not child proof. You can bring other females. 3 people can sleep in that bed. You can bring other children or females as long as they fit in the bedroom. I will give you some storage in the bedroom where you’re staying.
I will be in the lounge for anything you need and I will sleep in the lounge too.
I really need to update the pics.

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kitchen use
10 €
Per night per Guest

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Price Details
Price per night: 28 €
Price per weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) : 28 €
Extra Price per guest: 5 €
Cleaning Fee: 50 € Single Fee
Minimum no of nights: 1
Allow more guests than the capacity: yes
Booking starts only on: Friday
Security deposit: 75 €
Booking starts/ends only on: Sunday
Early Bird Discount: 1% discount for bookings made 7 nights in advance
Extra options:
kitchen use: 10 € Per night per Guest
Address: 3 Worthenbury Walk, Manchester
County: Greater Manchester
State: England
Zip: M13 0XB
Country: United Kingdom
Listing Details
Property ID: 16687
Rooms: 1
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Check-in Hour: 7pm
Check-Out Hour: 12pm
Late Check-in: 11pm
Outdoor Facilities: None
Cancellation: If cancelled 7 days before booking, I will still charge the cleaning fee.
House Rules: Please read the rules until the end. It's very important. Don't make noise between 11.30pm and 7am, especially outside the property around the block. It means the only noise I can expect within that time frame is walking in, locking front door, closing and opening doors (no slamming), using the loo and flushing, washing your hands, and going to bed. No talking, no laughing, no music, no water running for other uses unless you have to leave early and shower before you go. Best option for you if you go out is to prepare the evening before by filling water bottles for the night and anything else you’ll need while it’s sleep time. If you think I'm asleep, close the doors of kitchen, bathroom, and your room while you are in there. Respect my cat like you'd respect me. She'll be kind enough to share with you the flat and let you sleep in her bed. My cat doesn't go out, please be mindful when you open the front door. The bedroom's window if my cat is in there shouldn't be open wider than with the security latch on. The back windows, bathroom and kitchen shouldn't be open wider than an inch or so. It's so my cat doesn't jump out. She can go out of the box room's window to the roof, when I'm in. If you open a back window, please make sure you close it when you go out. The bedroom window can be left open with the security latch on at all times, if you so wish. When you're in your room and my cat is not in, you can open it as wide as you wish, after closing the bedroom door. The front door must be locked every time you come in and go out. Never leave my cat in a room with its door closed. If you use the cooker, please leave it on from the mains so the red led lights of the hobs are on while they're too hot. It's safer that way. Lock the bathroom door when using it and leave it open when not. You can keep my cat out of the kitchen by closing its door, if you wish. If you want to regulate the central heating thermostat, please do but only between 18 and 23 degrees or off if it's warm in the day and off to 15 at night time. You can bring other females or kids between 2 and 12 years old to the house as long as there's space for them in your room. It is your responsibility to keep your room and the communal areas tidy and clean and leave everything as it was once you're done using them. Don't keep all mugs in your room or all forks or things like that. I need to use them too. Wipe everything after use, mop spills, put things away once dry or after use. Besides the space in the wardrobe or elsewhere I show you for your use, the rest of storage is off limits. If you don't know how to use the microwave, washer or anything else, please let me know and I'll do it for you or show you how to. You can use the washer for £1.50/wash. The shower cable to turn it on is above the basin in the bathroom. Just pull it down before you press the long button on the shower body and pull it down again once you've showered to turn it off. The switch for the light of the bathroom is outside it on the left. When you're showering, pull the cord of the fan down to turn it on to avoid humidity. You can use the tea, and cow's milk (if any), salt, pepper, and sunflower oil spray and olive oil for salad I'll show you in the kitchen. Also any cooking tools like pans, pots, plates, cutlery you can use. I will show you what else you can use there if applicable. White carbs and beige carbs are not to be stored/left in communal rooms. Keep them in your room. When you're cooking open the window and switch the fan on to avoid humidity. If you're staying only at mine and travelling here and back by plane, you can also use sharps and fluids and liquids in the bathroom too. Otherwise, only first aid kit, shampoo and soap are for your use. Feel free to use any cleaning products and tools too. The fridge-freezer is in the boxroom. You can use the fridge freezer to keep your chilled and frozen stuff. If the fire alarm goes off and there's no fire, please air opening windows and fan with a t-shirt/ towel/pillow until it stops. If there's a real fire, please get out asap, ring 999 and ask for ambulance or/and fire services and then ring me. If possible take my cat out in her carrier (on top of her hooded litter tray on the floor where the coats are) or just leave the front door open so she can escape in case of fire. If you recycle, the caddy in the kitchen by the sink is for the green bin, the paper bag in kitchen for blue bin, the bags hanging from the rail are one for batteries (green) and the other one for brown bin. I have a leaflet in the kitchen with what goes in what bin and what is recycled by Manchester City Council. If you don't recycle, please use main metal bin in kitchen that is for general waste. Run the shower after use and spray the shower shine on all of its surfaces afterwards at least once per person every other day. The closest hospital and A&E is the MRI, which is 10 minutes by bus towards town or 5 minutes max by drive towards town. Any useful numbers you need can be googled and if not, you can always knock on my door or ring me and ask me. 999 is for emergency police and ambulance too, you just have to indicate you require the police or an ambulance. The flat is not childproof, if you bring children from 2-12 years old, you do it at your own risk. I can print double sided documents. Prices for A4 are b/w 10p single sided and 16p double sided, colour 42p single sided and 80p double sided. I can also scan one sided A4 documents to your email for 5p per document.I can copy single sided documents too for 10p b/w or 42p colour. You have to pay for laundry and printer services in advance. When you check out, please just leave the bed as it is. I will take the bedding off once you're gone. If you don't follow these rules and manual, you will be asked to leave immediately and I'll refund the money for the rest of your stay. They are not up for discussion. If you don't want to follow this manual, please let me know and I will cancel your booking and refund you any money you've paid if 6 days before your check-in date or all money but £50 if later.
Clothing Optional
Nude Only
Other Features
Adults only
Air Conditioner
Bar / Restaurant
BBQ pit
Beach destination
Breakfast Included
Couples or families only
Day Visits
Family/Kid Friendly
Free Parking on Premises
Hair Dryer
Host is INF/AANR/TNS Member
Hot Tub
Indoor Fireplace
INF/AANR/TNS membership required
Laundry service
No Smoking
Pets Allowed
Smoking Allowed
Wheelchair Accessible
Terms and Conditions
Smoking Allowed
Pets Allowed


May 2022
June 2022

Eriu Martinez

Fat positive naturist woman for 23 years. Home naturist only for the last 7 years. Astrology nerd, tarot lover Women lover Introvert. Omnivorous. Spiritual

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28 € per night