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Ken Daniel

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
English and Spanish

Please call me GRINGO. I am from the rural southern part of Virginia but I’ve been in FTL since April 2001. I DO NOT COOK. I eat every meal in restaurants. I go to the beach every morning, rain or shine, at 815/830 to get coffee and watch the waves. What’s the point of living in South Florida if you don’t love the sea? I’m sarcastic, witty, fun, outgoing, I speak fluent Spanish, my friends call me Gringo, I’m a nudist/naturist unless it’s cold outside. What else am I supposed to put here so you’ll feel like you know me? I have a twin brother. I could NEVER be a vegetarian. I like the idea of yoga, but that shit is hard and my belly gets in the way. I’m tired of typing about myself, if you have a specific question, just ask.

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